3 Quick and Easy PRO Tips for Launching Your Very Own Web Directory in a JIF

Who else would love to build a hyper profitable authority site? Have you considered building a web directory, but aren’t 100% sure where to start? Do you wonder or worry about how much time it’s going to take to launch a successful, profitable web directory? Or maybe you are sick and tired of jumping from thing to thing, project to project and idea to idea, and want a viable, valuable, enduring and evergreen business model to begin to build today?

The truth is, a web directory is a great idea for both beginning and advanced online marketers alike. You can literally build a hyper local “Yelp” like site for under a few hundred dollars. You can also target a niche, market or industry that you have a lot of passion or resonance for, meaning you can establish yourself as a thought leader or authority in your niche by dint of building something that has real value, and brand recognition in your target market. (even if you have no name recognition today)

Let’s look at 3 super simple ideas that have been super powerful for my own authority site business, and can really radically ramp up the effectiveness of yours as well.

1 – Name your directory appropriately. What is the ideal identity that your audience would love to believe they embody? Do they see themselves as radicals, rebels and revolutionaries? Or do they see themselves as helpers, healers and heroes? Do they think of themselves as the “best of… “, “famous” or well known, or are they striving to be thought of in those terms? This can be an amazingly easy way to CHEAT yourself into getting people to sign up for your site, simply because they like the sound of what your community represents, and want to be part of it by that fact alone.

2 – Use social media embeds to grow your site. When you first start any directory, the truth is, you’ll need to “seed” your site with content. (this is true of ANY authority style site) Social media embeds will make this super easy. Just paste the Twitter/Instagram or Facebook updates your seeded members are posting on social media, and their own profile pages will look awesome, attractive and emblematic of what they want to represent to the world as well. This saves you from having to write “about” the people you are seeding the site with, something that is a time suck and not a ton of fun either.

3 – Do interviews! Everyone wants to feel important, and there is a huge difference between being asked to submit a profile to ABC site, vs being asked to participate in an interview. Another quick pro tip? Make the interviews REALLY pretty. You can use professional grade formatting tools that embellish the interview and add delicious details to the appearance of the interview as well. You can then offer this as a PDF on your site for download, and send a copy to your interviewee as well.

Importance of a Website for Your Business

Having a business website is extremely important whether you are just starting your business or you are already running a company for some time. In modern time, people expect that any reasonable company must have its own website. Not having a website will not only miss several sales, but it also gives a negative impression about your company.

Always keep in mind that your competitors have an online presence and they are expanding their business by using the power of the internet. Therefore, to compete and to maximize your business share, having a high-quality business website is mandatory.

Online presence is not essential only for large businesses, even small firms should have their website to survive and grow. Millions of users surf the web daily to get their desired products or services. Too many people buy online and if you don’t have a website, you’ll surely miss several valuable clients. There are web surfers who want to get more information about your company, the products and services you are offering, your office timings and so on. You can consider your website as an online sales representative, which is available seven days a week, round the clock. The website never goes on vacation and it always remains available constantly advertising your business.

The company website is a customer service representative, which keeps on answering various questions about your business, promoting your new offers and providing the necessary details to your clients. As a result, you receive fewer phone calls in your office because your website is regularly answering various questions related to your business. This allows your staff to focus on other valuable issues.

Make sure your website is properly communicating the image or business message you want to convey. Try to keep it easy to navigate so that the visitors can easily get their required information. Your website is such a useful tool, which increases your sales and decreases cost. The number of online shoppers is regularly increasing, therefore it’s really important to have a website available so that people can buy directly from your website. Make sure that a shopping cart is available to give convenient and smooth online shopping experience.

Your website enables you to get clients from all over the world. The single website promotes your business throughout the world and you can get unlimited customers if you have a well-managed website. You can add the contact form to your website, which generates countless useful leads. Additionally, site visitors can subscribe to your company newsletter. This allows you to send your message to millions of subscribers within minutes.

You can post any news, messages or information related to your business on your website and all this stuff is available to all the valuable clients, vendors and site visitors immediately after posting. Adding the address of your website to your business cards and email signatures will help a lot in constantly promoting your website and your business.

In short, your business website is a tremendous tool, which promotes your business, respond to queries and generate sales. It is extremely helpful and brings fruitful results.

The Kinds of Businesses You Can Start Online

The Internet is no longer just a source of information. It is also a platform for communication and business. Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Google are just some of the big names that were able to cash in on their online ventures.

If you are interested in starting a business, there’s plenty of opportunities online. In order to succeed, you must first know what sort of online industry you can get into. Here are some of the top industries in the Internet:

Social Media Consultant

Are you active on social media? Do you have lots of followers? If so, you can be useful. Put your skills to use with helping startup businesses build their social media presence, and managing or supervising their accounts. Show them the ropes so that they can establish a solid relationship online with their own clients.

Business Coaching

Do you have the Midas touch when it comes starting businesses? Perhaps you can lend a helping hand to other entrepreneurs by serving as their consultant. Whatever phase their business is going through, why not advise them what to do next.

If this seems too time consuming, there are other ways you could pass on knowledge, such as creating lessons or holding classes and stream them online.

Web Design

Do you know your CSS from your PHP and have all the skills to develop a website? If that is the case, you can definitely help other entrepreneurs building their site. Convince potential customers with a carefully crafted and comprehensive portfolio.

You’ll also have to study some SEO techniques so that your designs are friendly to search engines and users.

SEO Analyst

The SEO landscape is constantly evolving, this is because search engines are doing their best to provide the best results for their users.

Google is the most advanced so far, which is why most analysts devote more time studying its updates. You should do the same.

As an SEO analyst, you can help website owners land on the first page of search results.

Virtual Assistant

If you don’t mind doing secretarial or administrative work, you can set up shop as a virtual assistant. Some of the tasks you can shoulder include email management, booking appointments, database building, hotel and flight booking, transcribing video or audio files, and crafting reports. You can charge either per task or per hour.

Tips to Create Engaging Sponsored Content

Marketers must use of great sponsored content to attract customers. Not every post serves this purpose. Some ads can be a nuisance to consumers in some situations. You can easily know whether your strategies are effective by checking the sales and penetration in new markets. Stagnation means the current plans are not working at all. The sponsored content is not engaging.

Have you ever wondered why consumers ignore some posts? If you ask people, you will get all manner of answers. Market surveys can give clues on why things are not working. Studies have shown sponsored content performs well like non-sponsored when done in the right way. Here are tips that can make sponsored content appealing;

Ensure there is a bond between the photo and the text

You must have seen photos with accompanying content that do not much at all. For, example posting several pictures of a celebrity in different places such as in a beach, strolling in a farm and all of a sudden a product appears. It will not be astonishing to find the consumer moving to another site. The mind of the viewer had already been immersed in viewing the places the person has visited.

Consumers will be more interested in photos with products being used. Let us, for example, a TV photos should show the model seated in a living room watching a movie or any other program, or standing next to the television set with the brand name displayed on the screen. Clothes should be worn while food products should be on a table with a person seated next.

Use High-Quality Photos

Not every picture can feature in sponsored content. Poorly taken photos will only make your feed an eye sore. No one would want to have a second look at them. Use an HD camera to take the photos for clarity. Just compare a selfie taken with a tripod and another with an arm. Tripod will give a masterpiece.

Don’t plant Text on Photos

Avoid temptations of typing all over the picture. The appearance of the name of the product on large parts of the photo is detrimental. A mere caption is enough to draw the attention. Remember the photo is the main attraction, not the writings.

Low quality sponsored content doesn’t engage. A reduced engagement can be noted by the number of comments. A few comments mean there is no interest in the content. When your sponsored content contains good photos, small tags and people can associate with it; research has shown it performs well.